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Hobbs Farm

Welcome to life on Hobbs Farm – our 12 acre working farm in North Hampton, NH! Our farmstead is from the 1860s and used to be a sheep farm. Since buying the property in 2012, we’ve not had a dull day, with our growing family of farm animals including goats, pigs, donkeys, and heirloom chickens. Our crew of hard-working farm hands grow an ever-changing bounty of crops that grace our menu and enhance our hand-crafted beers. They also care for our hop yard and small orchard. At Hobbs Farm, there is always something new to see and experience. Here’s a peek at life on our farm, we hope you enjoy the view!

Adorable Nigerian Dwarf goats Blanche, Dorothy, & Rose love our beer as much as we do.
Tamworth pigs Hamlet, Gherkin, & Pork Chop, as well as Cow, dig up our roots as they grow.
Houdan Polish Heritage Breed chickens love life in the coop – as well as roaming around our beer garden.
Yes, we have donkeys!
You might even see the goats do their party tricks - like riding donkeys.
Our chickens love to be photographed. Or maybe they just want beer!
Microgreens for our salads.
An acre of veggies so far.
Our hops in the late spring.
Our first harvest in 2016.
Resident farmer Katie makes our gardens grow.
Farmer Jenn hard at work.
Our brewers picking hops.