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Throwback Brewery was founded by Annette Lee and Nicole Carrier in 2010 as a way to combine two passions: brewing great beer and supporting local agriculture.  We started selling beer in July of 2011 and haven’t looked back since!

Annette Lee

Co-Founder & Director of Brewing Operations

Annette is the Head Problem Solver, Chief-Optimist and certified MIT card-carrying engineer (which every good brewery needs!). Annette spent close to 20 years working as an environmental engineer before making the jump to a small brewery owner. Annette started crafting her brewing skills over a decade ago when she borrowed a few buckets from a friend, bought the necessary ingredients, and started to homebrew. It didn’t take long for Annette to get hooked, and for friends and family to start bugging her for beer! In 2007, Annette started taking brewing courses from the renowned Siebel institute in Chicago. In 2008, she completed Siebel’s World Brewing Academy Concise Course in Brewing Technology, while also doing an internship at Smuttynose Brewery. In mid-2010, Annette started pursuing her dreams full-time, launching Throwback Brewery. Annette is a tireless worker, an amazing brewer, one of the smartest women you will ever meet, and truly passionate about our vision!

Nicole Carrier

Co-Founder & President

Nicole is our Marketing Guru, Chief Realist, and card-carrying M.B.A, handling marketing, business strategy, social media, and technology. Besides collaborating with both the brewers and the kitchen team about new recipe ideas (especially sausage recipes!), Nicole’s favorite aspect of owning a brewery is getting to meet and interact with all of the amazing people in the community- from the farmers, to the chefs, to the fellow brewers, and, of course, Throwback’s amazing customers. Nicole is passionate about sharing her business expertise with respect to running and starting small businesses, so you can often find her as a speaker at industry conferences and leadership events. Nicole has a B.A. from Dartmouth College in Economics and Math, and an M.B.A. from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. She is also a former IBM executive and the recipient of the 2017 Business Excellence Award in Manufacturing from the NH Business Review. From 2017 through 2019 she was the President of the New Hampshire Brewers Association.

Our Valuable Team Members

Annette & Nicole are backed up by a small, but passionate crew of full- and part-time employees and volunteers. The whole Throwback team is not just focused on local sourcing, sustainability, and green practices because it is the hip thing to do. Rather, we have spent most of our lives trying to support local farmers and reduce our carbon footprint. Being “green” is a passion of ours, and, as a result, it is simply part of our company’s DNA. Besides, we have always been slightly more geeky than hip anyway.

Christopher Naro

Lead Brewer

We hired Chris for his work ethic, huge heart, and infectious laugh. Lucky for us, he transformed from a home-brewing banker into a really great professional brewer under Annette’s tutelage and his own insatiable drive for learning everything there is to know about brewing. Since we opened the restaurant, Chris has stepped up to take the lead on all things brewing, including recipe development and our barrel program. Chris loves music, art, great food, trying new craft beers (especially hoppy ones), and hanging out with his wife, Sara. Chris holds a BA in Studio Art from Plymouth State University.

Colin Knirk

Brewery Assistant

Ask Colin and the first thing he’ll tell you is he’s not a city boy. Looking for a career change, he got involved in zookeeping, aquarium keeping, and then canning. His passion for home brewing, gardening, and the whole farm-to-table approach led Colin through our doors. He loves the whole brewing process, followed by the thrill of the results – especially enjoying our ‘one-off’ beers, such as Henry’s (our Hank’s variant). A UNH grad and New England native, Colin loves his now-rural life…growing hops, running around after his chickens, and hanging out with his wife Lindsay and their dog Atlas.

Andrew Stockwell

Brewery Assistant

A man of few words, yet brilliant with the one-liners, Andrew is a true beer connoisseur with an appreciation for many styles – especially Belgians, sours, and ‘barrel-aged monstrosities’. A NH native, his passion for interesting brewing experiments and unique ingredients led him to Throwback after local friends came out with Brew Hampshire a few years back. Well, Andrew was a man with a plan, figuring if he hung around long enough, he just might get a job out of it. Well played sir! Aside from beer, Andrew’s main love in life is heavy metal. Loud shows, small venues – that’s his happiness. He also writes fiction and movie scripts in his free time.

Carrie Dahlgren

Head Chef

Chef Carrie comes to Throwback Brewery with a profound respect for food, where it comes from, it’s sustainability, and its relation to us as a society. Carrie is a graduate of a Le Cordon Blue culinary school, in addition to having a Bachelor of Science in Business from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. Carrie’s love for food and beer started from working summers as a farm hand and spending time with her father. Most recently, Carrie was chef de Cuisine at Black Trumpet in Portsmouth, NH, where she worked for eight years, followed by briefly working at Henry’s Market Cafe in New Castle, NH. We love her ability to put a fresh spin on casual and familiar dishes- elevating them to a level that is fun, fresh, and memorable.

Michael Iffland

Sous Chef

Michael joined us after working his way up over at The Big Bean in Newmarket, NH. Chef Carrie knew a kindred spirit when they met, and a wonderful collaboration of all things delicious was born. Michael will tell you straight out,”my love to eat delicious foods led to my love to cook delicious foods – which stemmed from the stark contrast between my grandmothers’ fresh cooking… and canned green beans.” Sounds about right. Having grown up in rural northeast Connecticut, Michael now lives in Lee with his lovely lady Lauren and their dog, Molly. If he’s not at home working in his garden to carry on all that fresh cooking, you might just be lucky enough to catch him playing live music with his band on the local music scene.

Nell Mendlinger

Front of House

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Nell and wife Lauren chose to leave city life after becoming more aware of how our choices impact our world. So it only makes sense our vision spoke to her! With a diploma from ‘Fame’ high school, a degree in forensic psychology and a background in restaurant management – Nell’s vibe spoke to us, too. Our unofficial ‘Ambassador of Customer Service’, Nell quietly creates excellence for our customers… every damn day. Did we mention she also owns a dog walking business? Yep, she does that, too. Animal lovers to the core, Nell and Lauren also have a dog and three cats – all rescues, of course!

Bruce Cliff

Traveling Alesman

Bruce came to Throwback a seasoned home brewer who just happens to have a background as an environmental engineer. His relationship with Annette and Nicole goes back to those early home brewing days, finding shared inspiration for different and tasty ideas for beers. As Throwback’s sales representative, or Traveling Alesman, Bruce enjoys bringing his beer experience to customers and in turn learning from them. When not hitting the pavement sharing all things Throwback, you can find Bruce relaxing with his wife Donna and cat Gomez, or helping out behind the taps or in the brewery.

Alissa Holmes

Marketing & Events Manager

Alissa discovered Throwback in the early days of our warehouse space. Always looking for a party, she asked if we ever hosted events. Annette responded with a convincing ‘yes?’ and the rest is history. Here at the brewpub there is always something going on and Alissa is the one to keep up with it all. With a communications degree from the Newhouse School at Syracuse, Alissa collaborates with the rest of our staff to get the word out regarding all the happenings here. Passionate about beer, she loves checking out all the local breweries with her husband Steve when not spending time with their two children, Brooke and Tyler.

Katie Malloy

Lead Farmer

One evening, Katie and her family visited Throwback for dinner. While eating, they struck up a conversation with Annette about plans for the farm. With the vision to turn our new location back into a functioning farm, Katie was soon hired as our farmer. Katie’s background is not that of the typical farmer. Growing up in Rhode Island she studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and graduated with a degree in illustration. Katie then moved to Boston where she worked on some local farms. Farming started out as a hobby for Katie, and now she is working full time to return our beautiful farm to its former glory.

Jenni Lee


Jenni is one cool Seacoast native cat. Gunstock snowboard instructor extraordinaire by winter, superwoman Throwback farmer by summer… Okay so the seasons are a bit longer than that but you get the gist! After studying environmental and resource economics at UNH, Jenni dove straight into agriculture after realizing desk jobs were not her bag. Her fav Throwback brew is Spicy Bohemian – in fact that’s what brought her to us – her first legal beer on her 21st birthday was a Spicy Bo, the first craft beer she ever liked! Not just on the farm, Jenni also assists in the brewhouse in the off season. She lives ova in Dova with her fiancé Matt and pitty pup Evelyn.


Over the years since we started, we’ve been lucky enough to have a handful of very special people touch our lives. We not only thank them for their support – we want you to know their contributions as we continue on this ever-changing journey. We honor them here!


Honorary Founder

If you’ve ever been to our original tasting room in our warehouse, chances are that you have seen our friend Katherine helping out. Katherine’s a master of organization, fun, funny, and always game for adventure. Katherine has helped us out so much in the beginning that we consider her an honorary founder.

Cheryl Parker

Brewer Emeritus

In her time at Throwback, Cheryl served as brewer, lab manager, and lay-down-the-law enforcer of cleanliness and safety in our Brew House. Cheryl came to us from UNH as lab supervisor, and has returned to UNH as their Brewery Manager running their pilot brewing minor. But she’ll always be one of us!