jane with flowers

Welcome to our 2024 Pick Your Own Flower CSA!

Experience the joy of picking farm-fresh flowers and crafting your own gorgeous, one-of-a-kind bouquets with our Pick Your Own (PYO) Flower CSA!

Start the season off with a group orientation led by our talented farm staff, then select and snip up to 25-30 stems on each PYO date. A wide variety of blooms will be available throughout the season, offering diverse bouquet crafting options. 

Just some of the varieties growing here on the farm for your selection are Nasturtium, Zinnias, Poppies, Cosmos, Asters, and Snapdragons. We will offer pre-cut Dahlias and Sunflowers for additional purchase on PYO days to add to your bouquets, if desired. As a CSA member, you’ll receive your choice of 4 of these premium stems for free each time to add to your bouquet (as available)! 

Additional perks include a discount on any additional PYO Pop-Up sessions we offer to the public during the season, as well as additional pre-arranged bouquets for $25 (regular price $30).

The PYO season will start sometime in mid-to-late June and run through September. 

We are offering two share types, please see below:

Delight in Peak Blooms

We offer morning hours to pick your flowers, when they are at their freshest, helping to ensure optimal vase life. All of our flowers are grown using organic practices right here at Hobbs Farm!

Spread Joy

Flowers can brighten a day, bring sunshine and color to a space, and provide a bit of happiness every week. Personalized, hand-picked bouquets also make a great gift for a loved one or friend!

Support Our Farm

Your early season commitment helps us, a local and small business, smooth out the inherent seasonality in what we do. Your support means a lot to us, and it is also much needed as we grow our farm.

What To Expect Each Week

As a member of our PYO flower CSA, you have the opportunity to create your own locally-grown bouquets on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. Choose from a seasonal bounty of annual and perennial flowers, herbs, and grasses that are sustainably-grown right here at Hobbs Farm. We’ll provide buckets to collect your stems and paper sleeves to ensure safe travel home. Please bring your own shears, if you have them.

Flower Care

Since flowers are a perishable product, we have you pick in the morning hours to optimize vase life and freshness, and we encourage harvesting them just as the buds are starting to open. Over the course of the week, watch as the flowers unfurl their brilliant blooms right before your very eyes! We expect bouquets to stay at peak freshness for 4-7 days (or more for some blooms!)- depending on variety and care. We will provide you with specific instructions on how to maximize the lifespan of your blooms.

Where flowers bloom, so does hope.


CSA’s are Community Supported Agriculture, essentially a relationship between our farm and you, our customer. Rather than purchase produce and flowers from us on an ad hoc basis during the summer, you buy a share of our harvest in advance. This upfront payment helps us purchase the seeds and other inputs needed for the season, and helps us focus on growing and caring for our crops! By joining a CSA like ours, you get the satisfaction of supporting a local, sustainability-minded farm in your community.

Join us on your chosen PYO day (Wednesday or Sunday). PYO hours will be from 9-11am. Please bring your own shears, if you have them. We will provide buckets to collect your stems and paper to wrap them in for safe travel home. Farm staff will be on site for assistance as needed throughout the session.

You can buy a share online here. Also, during Throwback’s open hours, you can give us a call (603 379 2317 x1) OR stop by, and we can help you out.