Have you ever reflected on your age and thought ‘how the heck did time go by so fast!!?!’. We are kind of feeling the same way – but with our business. It doesn’t seem so long ago that we sold our first keg out of our small warehouse space, but that was 7 years ago on July 1st! Not that we need any excuse for a party, but seven years in business calls for a memorable celebration and some memorable beers – including a special Lucky Sevens anniversary beer!

Introducing Lucky Sevens – a double dry-hopped double IPA brewed for our 7th birthday, featuring seven types of grains (most from Valley Malt, of course!), seven varieties of hops, and weighing in at 7.77% ABV! This beer drinks very smoothly for an IPA, with flavors and aromas of peach, citrus, and light strawberry, finishing with a soft mouthfeel and a light fruity sweetness.

The seven grains include four from Valley Malt – Pilsen Malt, Vienna Malt, Rye, and Honey malt. The remaining grains are Special B Caramel malt, Oats (both Golden Naked and Flaked Oats), and Rice.

The seven hop varieties are El Dorado, Belma, Idaho 7, Mosaic, Citra, Galaxy, and Meridian. if you are wondering how we picked the 7 hops, one pick each came from our Head Chef Carrie, Co-Founders Annette & Nicole, Lead Brewer Chris, Assistant Brewer Colin, and Cellermen Alex and Shawne. We think the collaboration and combination of these hops worked really well together. But, as always, let us know what you think!

Annette Leads by Example

Annette Enjoying Lucky Sevens (Warning: Annette is a professional. Don’t Try Double Fisting This at Home Without Supervision! :))

Here are our tasting notes:

– Appearance: Lucky sevens is light amber / light caramel in color with an off white head.

Taste the local!

One beautiful beer to commemorate a beautiful moment – our 7th birthday!

– Aroma: We get some gentle fruit aromas – especially peach and citrus – underscored by a backbone of warm brown sugar

– Taste & Mouthfeel: Given the plethora of hops and grains, this is really one interesting beer to savor! We get flavors of sweet peach, light strawberry, mild biscuit, and spicy rye, finished with a touch of alcohol warmth. Although this medium-bodied beer finished dry, it actually drinks with a pleasant malt sweetness, enhanced by the fruit flavors from the hops. And, since the vast majority of the hops were added at the end of the boil and in both the primary and secondary fermentors, there is really very little perceived bitterness in this beer. Rather than finishing bitter, this beer finishes with a soft mouthfeel and a light fruity sweetness.

– Pairing: Poke, pineapple & pork tenderloin, peach cobbler, camembert, lobster roll.

– Serving glass: Given the high ABV and the fruity nose on this beer, we will be serving this in a 12-oz tulip glass.

– Stats:  7.77% ABV and 47 IBU

Chef Carrie feeling lucky!

We hope to see you on Sunday for our Birthday Bash!

Local Love

Pilsen Malt, Vienna Malt, Rye, and Honey malt by Valley Malt.