Introducing a sour we hope will bring luck.
It made with plums and salt, and will pair well with duck.
The base is a gose, so it’s pleasantly tart
And the 6.6% ABV could have you philosophizing like Descartes.

Plum Luck Sour (6.6% ABV)- our play on a traditional Chinese Duck Sauce – is smooth and strangely seductive.  If you take one sip, you are definitely going to want to take another, especially if you like beers with multiple layers of flavor. Plum Luck Sour walks the line between sweet & sour and features a dash of vibrance from the addition of salt and Chinese Five Spice. It’s akin to the flavors of a plum tart or plum crumble – with notes of cinnamon, clove, spicy peppercorn, and star anise, and a slight ripe plum tang at the end.

As a gose, and a very drinkable one at that, this beer should be approachable for those just getting into sours.

And, if you love to pair food with your beer, Plum Luck Sour will not disappoint! It should go well with any kind of pork – especially a pork roast or pork chops. It will also pair nicely with crispy duck, custardy desserts, fresh spring rolls, summer salads, and more!

Plum Luck Sour will be available in cans (under our Party Pants beer series label) and on draft starting Saturday, July 4th for our 9th birthday. Cheers!

Throwback brewery farmers "dig" the new sours!

Our farmers are “digging” the new Plum Luck Sour!