Last month, we unveiled our Hoppin’ Summer Series – a short series of experimental, small batch beers each designed to highlight a unique or special hop. Last month we released Beer From Here, which ended up being one of the fastest selling beers that we have ever made, while also having the side benefit of causing many un-intended ‘Abbott and Costello’ type routines…

Customer 1 – “Hey, What beer are you going to try?”
Customer 2 – “Oh, I think I am going to have the Beer From Here”
Customer 1 – “What do you mean, beer from here? Aren’t all the beers made here?”
Customer 2 – “Yes they are, but this is Beer From Here – a pale ale..”
Customer 1 – “You mean the Hank’s? That’s beer from here..”
etc. etc…

But I digress! It’s time to release another beer from here – our July Hoppin’ Summer Series beer is called Summah Haze, and it’s a boldly hopped, full bodied wheat IPA with a rich gold color, creamy ivory head, and big citrus, lemon peel, and mango flavor & aromas. If you love hops, we think you will love this beer!

Taking Summah Haze for a Spin

We Took Summah Haze for a Spin – Here are Our Notes

Our team is enjoying the heck out of this beer. Here are our tasting notes:
Appearance: Deep gold in color. Hazy with a big, fluffy ivory head.
Aroma: Bold, citrusy aroma – lemon peel, grapefruit, mango. Some banana notes from the hefeweizen yeast and some strawberry notes from the use of Mandarian Bavaria hops. You will also get a bit of dank hop aroma.
Taste & Mouthfeel: Summah Haze’s malt bill is about 50% wheat, and, as mentioned above, we used a hefeweizen yeast for fermentation. As such, this is a beer with a real full body and chewy mouthfeel. A generous dosing of hops – Willamette, Belma, Mandarian Bavaria, and Citra – give this beer a lingering hop flavor – but it isn’t bitter in taste – it’s more like a tropical fruit bowl finished off with lemon zest. The Hef yeast really balances out this beer, reducing the bitterness and adding a touch of sweetness to this very dry ale.
Pairing: If you are eating here while drinking this, we recommend our Mushroom & Grain salad, Pork Belly (PB) LT, or our Moules Frites. We think this would also go superbly with Fish & Chips. And, since it is a pretty bold beer, it would hold up well to more fatty dishes like a nice, big burger.
Serving glass: At the brewery we will be serving this beer in a 16-oz tulip glass.
Stats – ABV is 7.5% and IBU is 46

Summah Haze is available starting today, July 13th, at Throwback Brewery!

Woof, thats good!

Summah Haze- Arlo Approved!