Ice, Ice, Baby!

Rink Update March 2nd- THE RINK IS DONE FOR THE SEASON. Yep, that felt short to us, too, but mother nature has decided it’s time for warmer weather!

Our skating rink is back! The rink is open Friday to Saturday from 12-4pm and Sunday from 10am-3pm and is free to customers of all ages! No need to make a reservation, just come on by when the rink is open. All we ask is that before using the rink, you check in with our host to sign a liability release. While checking in, you can also order drinks or snacks to enjoy rink-side! 

Please note that the rink is weather dependent, and we may need to unexpectedly close it due to weather conditions and/or maintenance needs. For example, if it is raining or we get an unexpectedly lovely 40 degree day (causing the ice to melt), the rink will be closed. 

Here are answers to the most common questions from last year (with some slight paraphrasing :):

1- Do you rent skates? No, we do not. Please bring your own skates.

2- Why isn’t the rink open more? With too much use, the rink surfaces gets very banged up and needs to be resurfaced, something we need to manually do, and it takes time. After we get a sense of rink usage and how long it takes us to re-surface the ice after a typical day, we may update the hours.

3- Is it really free? Yes, it is free for customers. Given the time and expense we’ve poured into the rink, we would greatly appreciate if you could support our business while here. Order beer for here or to go, pick up some salami or sausage, order some snacks, buy a Throwback cap if you need some extra warmth, or order takeout on the way out. It all helps! We even have tables outside the rink where you can drink a beer, warm wine, hot cocoa, etc.!

4- Can I just leave my kids there while I drink all the things inside? Minors on the ice must be accompanied by an adult at all times (adult can be on the ice or adjacent to ice rink).

5- Can I come over and skate when no one is there? No, our rink is on private property, and ice use during closed hours is prohibited.

6- Can we play hockey on the rink? For safety reasons, we are not allowing pucks or sticks. You can ice dance, though, if you want! 🙂

7- Can I skate while chugging a beer and eating a taco? That would be fun to watch, but no food or drink is allowed on the ice.

That’s it! We are excited for you to grab your skates and head over!