Hobbs Farm cherry tomatoes donated in 2021

In 2021, we donated over $850 of fresh food grown right here at Hobbs Farm to local food banks, including Waysmeet in Durham, We Care Food Pantry in Milton, The Movement Family in Lawrence, and Newmarket Community Church. All told, it was over 430 lbs of food (tomatoes, cukes, sweet peppers, beans, squash, etc.) thanks in part to donations from a handful of you guys- our very supportive, philanthropic customers.

Our Hobbs Farm Donation Program was by far one of the most rewarding experiences of 2021 for our team, so, for 2022, we set a goal to donate over $1k of freshly grown produce. One of the primary recipients of our donations this year is “TMF“, which stands for “The Movement Family.” TMF was founded by an amazing person named Michael Gorman in the summer of 2011. Michael continues to run the organization today and is an integral member of the Lawrence, MA community. He’s even being recognized as a “Hero Among Us’ at an upcoming Celtics game in August.

TMF hosts weekly dinner for individuals who are homeless, living in the streets, or struggling to secure food for themselves or their families. Weekly dinners are held every single Wednesday year round – regardless of weather. They started in an abandoned parking lot and recently received permission from the city to relocate to the bus station center (which has a roof and lights).

According to their website, “The Movement Family is a program designed for anyone looking for a second family in life. We are here for those seeing love, guidance, and support or just trying to connect with others and make a difference in this world. TMF hold a bi-weekly meeting for members to learn about themselves and other members in the program. TMF is hugely connected to the community and its members look at this group as a family. They work together to set an example, advocate for the less fortunate, spread awareness around social issues, and simply make the world a better place for all of us.”

This is the second year Hobbs Farm has set up a free summer farm stand with fresh fruits and vegetable for at the weekly Wednesday Night Dinners. Folks that come to the dinner include individuals who are homeless and living in the streets, individuals in transitional housing, families, and elders in need of food and community. Everyone is welcomed and treated with dignity and respect no matter what.

Farmer Emily L. happily staffs our farm stand table at the weekly TMF Wednesday Dinners

We want to thank our Barn Manager Emily Lusenhop for spearheading our partnership with TMF, and really going above and beyond in giving of her time and heart. Emily recently said, “Setting up the farm stand for the past two summers has been an incredibly meaningful experience. I love that Hobbs Farm is dedicated to ensuring the food we grow is utilized, shared, and given to those who need it the most.”

Emily L makes a fresh salad for a Wed night dinner in August of 2022


An example of the vegetables at The Hobbs Farm “Farm Stand” at TMF Dinners