UPDATE!  Thanks for voting everyone!  We received enough votes to get our essays read by the committee.  In fact, we are pretty sure we received the most votes in NH, so thank you for that! Voting is now closed.  We have to wait until ~ Sept 15th to find out if we are awarded one of the grants.  We will let everyone know if that happens!  Cheers –Nicole
Throwback Brewery’s vision has always been to one day have the brewery on a farm where we could grow some of our own ingredients, provide a great total beer experience for our fans, and help to preserve farmland in our community.  So when an opportunity presented itself to possibly acquire a historic farm right here in North Hampton (less than 1/4 mile from our

Historic Hobbs Farm in North Hampton, NH

current location), we had to go for it!  Last weekend, we went to the property auction and walked away with the successful bid!
We were already working on expanding our operation here at the brewery, but now with this farm property, we intend to install the bigger system at the historic Hobbs Farm in North Hampton, NH, and start using the land as farmland again – growing hops, grain and other adjuncts.
This new location will allow us to expand our tasting hours/area and give us room for future plans like hosting events in the barn, perhaps having some food in the tasting room, and possibly even a brewery B&B down the road.
To help with some of the costs, we are applying for a small business grant that is being offered by LivingSocial and Chase, called Mission: Small Business.  This program will award 12 different small businesses with grants of $250,000 each. Your vote of support will help us qualify for this grant.  To vote, go to Mission: Small Business and click on “Log In & Support” at the lower right side of the page.  From there you’ll be directed to either sign in to Facebook, or if already signed in, the voting page will appear.  Just type in Throwback Brewery for the business name and our info will pop up, along with a button to click for your vote.
We are so excited to have this opportunity to continue growing our farm- and community-oriented brewery at Hobbs Farm.  Please consider voting for us! And look for updates on our progress at the farm.
For additional information on Mission: Small Business, check out this press release:  http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20120507005532/en/Chase-LivingSocial-Launch%C2%A0%E2%80%9CMission-Small-Business%E2%80%9D-Grant-Program