Hank’s Pale Ale is our ‘fishing beer’ and best selling pale ale. We crafted it in memory of co-founder Nicole’s dog, Hank (see the story here), who was the master of relaxation. Hank loved to fish in the lake or hang outside and watch the world go by. Like its namesake, Hank’s Pale Ale is smooth, easy going, and hard not to love. Citra and Palisades hops give this golden American Pale Ale a stone fruit and grapefruit nose, with a crisp, dry, and grassy finish.

For many on our team, Hank’s is our ‘go to’ session-able beer. At 4.8%, it is very easy to drink – a beer that you would want to grab and drink all day on the porch with your friends, or while swinging in a hammock, or while enjoying sunny days followed by late night parties with friends. For us, Hank’s Pale Ale is a great reminder to every once in a while kick back, slow down, and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

Local Love

New England barley and wheat by Valley Malt in Hadley, MA.

Here's Hank!