Hog Happy Hefeweizen is an award-winning, full-flavored, traditional German-style wheat beer that tastes like it comes straight from Munich, but is made with wheat from local farms. The yeast used during fermentation gives this straw-colored beer the sweet flavor and aromas of banana & clove.

You might wonder what’s behind the ‘Hog Happy’ name. Well, it is pretty simple. The grain used in our brewing process gets passed on to local farmers and their livestock (including our own pigs here at Hobbs Farm). Although there is no alcohol in the spent grain, the little piggies can’t seem to get enough – the grain just makes them very happy!

We encourage you to do your part in enhancing the happiness of the pigs on the seacoast of NH. Drink a beer – feed a pig!

Local Love

New England wheat & barley by Valley Malt in Holyoke, MA.


Hog Happy Hefeweizen won a Silver medal in the Great International Beer, Cider, Mead, & Sake Competition.