Spicy Bohemian is a crisp & refreshing Bohemian Pilsener “dry hopped” with roasted New Hampshire jalapeños. Is it spicy? Yes, but in a nicely balanced way. This beer has a wonderfully inviting peppery aroma, great jalapeño flavor, and a bit of lingering heat.

This beer is definitely one of our most popular beers. Partly, we think, because it pairs so well with food. Want a perfect complement to your sushi? Try it with Spicy Bohemian. Have a nice white fish that you want to add a bit of zing to? Pair it with Spicy!

This is a seasonal beer, so watch for it from May to late Fall. Occasionally we will save some Jalapeños to make a tiny batch around Christmas time.  After all, we often find that a little spice can make the coldest NH months seem a bit warmer!

Local Love

Jalapeños grown at New Roots Farm in Newmarket, NH and New England pilsen malt by Valley Malt in Hadley, MA.