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Please note that ALL reservations are currently outside only. Please dress warmly and feel free to bring a blanket. As the weather is getting warmer (and the ground less soggy), we will keep adding walk up tables and bar tables that are first come, first serve. You can also rent a fire pit experience for two hours for $25. Feel free to call during our open hours to see if we have any walk up tables available. (603-379-2317 x2).

Reservations are strongly encouraged for weekends. Our reservation system is live, so if you don’t see any openings for your desired party size, that means we are booked. Please try another day!

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Due to NH State mandate, we cannot accept reservations for more than 6 people per table (and a maximum of 1 table per party). Babies and toddlers are not included as part of the 6, but given our table sizes and the mandated space requirements, we can really only fit two baby carriers or one high chair per table. Before you ask, no, we will not break the rules and fit more than 6 adults at a table. Thank you for understanding.