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Order Takeout

Interested in ordering contactless takeout from us? We accept orders during our open hours. Please order about 20 or 30 minutes before you want to pick up your food. As our team is very small here, we can’t accommodate advanced orders, and we make the food as the orders come in. Thank you for your understanding! Also, we fill beer orders very quickly- some folks even show up and order right from the parking lot.

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If you have any issues, please call 603-379-2317 x1 or x3. If it is busy, that means we are on the other line. Please try again!


Where do I pickup my takeout?
If you pick up here, we will have your food / beer waiting on an outside table leading up to our beer garden. It will be marked with a slate with your name on it. You can then grab it from there. All contactless!

What about deliveries?
We are not doing deliveries at the moment, but, stay tuned, we will likely bring back deliveries by October!

Can I reuse my growler or growlette?
If you want to fill a growler or growlette, we will fill a new one for you (for health and safety reasons) and swap it for your old THROWBACK one if you have one to exchange. Please don’t drop off growlers from other breweries, we can’t use them, and it makes us very sad to lose money that way.

Can I grab a gift card?
If you are interested in supporting us now for beer and food that you might enjoy here in the future, gift cards are always available and can be purchased here or by calling us during our open business hours.

Anything I can do to support you guys?
We aren’t going to lie, it’s tough times for restaurants, and we are no exception. Supporting us by buying our food, beer, and merchandise is very much appreciated! There are also many non-monetary ways you can help. Share our Facebook posts or tag your friends if you see some food or beer you like. Consider giving us a good review across the myriad social platforms out there. Post a picture of you enjoying our food and beer – wherever that might be. Thank you in advance for your support!