“All The Devils” is a glowing gold colored Helles Bock that features a malty, light caramel backbone with a toasty, delicate honey aroma, and a mild peppery spice finish. All The Devils is the third beer to be released as part of Throwback’s “A Can of Kindness – Charitable Beer Series” – where 50% of the profits from each can go to a charity. All The Devils will benefit Seven Stages Shakespeare Company (7SSC), a ridiculously talented professional ensemble of creative artists dedicated to presenting exciting and accessible presentations of the works of William Shakespeare. The name All The Devils is a wink to a famous quote from Shakespeare’s final play The Tempest, “Hell is (Helles) empty, and all the devils are here.”

Helles bocks (also know as Maibocks) were originally brewed to ease the transition from winter into spring, and, this beer is no exception! We can’t wait to drink one while bundled up at night – outside next to our firepit – or while grilling up some chicken or brats.

If you are fans of Jeopardy and/or Shakespeare, we encourage you to watch our virtual game of JeoBARDy with Annette & Nicole (Throwback co-founders) and Chrissie and Dan (7SSC co-founders). In this video, we first talk a bit about our new beer collaboration and The Tempest, before jumping into a laughter-filled game of jeoBARDy – our version of Jeopardy, but focused on the Bard!