Join us for cribbage the first Wednesday of every month! Teams of two are welcome to sign up for a chance at victory. If you don’t have a partner, we will do our best to find you one (or you could end up stuck with me :)! On game day, we’ll play until we have a winning team who will not only win glory and renown here at Throwback, but, we will also buy you a round of Throwback beers. (Or, a soda if you are under 21!)

If you are interested in playing, please email by 4pm the day of the match so we can get the brackets / teams organized.

A few important notes:

  • Over the past several months, we’ve been using a point system for the first few rounds. Essentially, everyone (or almost everyone :), gets two games, and we will use points from those games to determine who makes it to the semi-final bracket.
  • This is a free tournament, and it is for fun. If you love cribbage and like playing other teams in a relaxed environment, then this is the place for you! If you are super competitive and have to play ‘cut throat’, or if you might become upset that (by the luck of the draw) you get a bye the first round, our cribbage night might not be the best fit for you. If, however, you are super competitive (as I am), but realize that this is a fun night to kick back, meet new friends from our community, and have a few laughs, then please come on by- we’d love to have you!
  • BOYB (bring your own board and cards) if possible.
  • We set up the tournaments in our new Jericho’s Landing room.
  • People of all levels will be playing. If you end up playing some novices, it would be much appreciated if you could help them with the rules a bit. When you end up playing an expert, game on!

That’s it!


Co-Founder, Throwback Brewery