Amy’s Treat is a dark and roasty Chocolate Cherry Stout made with tart cherries and Enna Chocolate cocoa husks. This smooth and chocolatey stout will be the second offering in our Can of Kindness beer series, where we donate 50% of the profits from the sale of each can and $1 from each full pour here to a non-profit, which, in this case, will be Amy’s Treat!

Amy’s Treat is dedicated to providing solutions to the day to day difficulties of living with cancer and offers unexpected treats to renew the spirit. This wonderful non-profit was created in December 2007 as a legacy foundation in honor and loving memory of Amy Maliszewski to benefit the patients of the Seacoast Cancer Center of New Hampshire.

Amy’s Treat – the beer- is perfect for those who love dark chocolate – especially dark chocolate-covered dried cherries. The cherry notes in this 4.6% ABV beer are subtle, providing a pleasant dark fruity tartness that lingers on the tongue.