Angry Bunny is an effervescent dry hopped lactose sour, with huge flavors and aromas of grapefruit, pineapple, and tropical fruit, underscored by a pop of sweet tartness. This medium-bodied, hazy, and golden-colored beer drinks very soft and smooth, with a well-balanced tartness that will brighten your palate, and hopefully your day!

Here are our team’s tasting notes:

– Appearance: Hazy gold in color, with a white head that dissipates very quickly.

Angry Bunny - Dry Hopped Lactose Sour

Angry Bunny – the Perfect beer for drinking outside on a sunny day!

– Aroma: If you are a fan of citrus and tropical smells, you will find the aroma on this beer to be heavenly! Take a sniff, and you will get a big punch of grapefruit, pineapple, and papaya aromas, underscored by a sweet tartness.

– Taste & Mouthfeel: The flavors of this medium-bodied, effervescent beer match the aromas quite well- tart citrus, pineapple, grapefruit, and tropical fruit punch. While this beer is tart, it isn’t “cheek squeezing” tart. It actually drinks really soft and smooth, due in part to the addition of lactose, which sweetens the beer just enough to mellow out any overtly big sour notes. Speaking of cheek squeezing, we make our Cheek Squeezer sour by kettle-souring the wort and then boiling it, which makes for a very clean drinking sour. We used a different souring technique for Angry Bunny, souring it in the fermenter, which makes for a more complex and multi-dimensional sour.

– Pairing: A big benefit of tart beers is that they can be used to refresh your palate, wiping away or cleaning your tongue of fatty and salty flavors. As such, you could pair Angry Bunny with foods like soppressatta, our BLT here at the brewery, grilled cheese, and goat cheese. In addition, given the bright, citrusy notes of this beer, it would pair well with seafood, especially oysters, lobsters, steamed crabs, and moules frites.

– Serving glass: As with all of our sours, we will be serving this in a 12-oz tulip glass.

– Stats:  5.4% ABV and 0 IBU (note – this is our very first 0 IBU beer, which we achieved by adding all hops (Strata and Meridian) to the fermenter – and none to the kettle).

For those of you wondering ‘what’s with the name?’, it is inspired by the fact that this beer is dry hopped (bunnies hop) and is sour (which can connote anger). And, the name just made us smile, like this beer.

Come grab a glass of this tart and tasty brew when it goes on tap here at Throwback on Wednesday, August 29th at 4pm.