We could not be more excited to release our second ever barleywine, called Attitude Adjustment. The name is a nod to the fact that this big, smooth, and warming beer can bring instant happiness (or silliness) with just a few sips!

Attitude adjustment features aromas of toffee and hopped caramel and flavors of caramel, resiny pine, brown bread, and graham cracker with subtle hints of pumpkin. This dangerously smooth and big beer displays a lot of bready malt character without drinking sweet. As this is an American Barleywine, which tend to me more hopped and piney than toffee-forward English Barleywines, it finishes dry and hoppy with only mild hints of being a 9.6% ABV beer. Beware though, a few sips of this bad boy could make you a bit cheeky! Or, it just might be the attitude adjustment that you need!

If Barleywines are a new style to you, you are in for a special treat! Unlike the name suggests, Barleywines are NOT made with grapes, and the only similarity to wine is really the higher alcohol content. Barleywine is a classic beer style that is not often produced by current brewers, which is a shame because barleywines are really such a wonderful companion for a cool Fall or Winter night, a cozy fire, and great company. We recommend serving our Barleywine in a snifter or tulip glass.