Beer From Here- 2022 Edition is a wet hopped IPA made using hops grown right here at Hobbs Farm, plus 100% malt from the Northeast Grainshed. This year’s edition is a 6.6% ABV West Coast-Style IPA with an aroma of candied hops and flavors of white grapefruit, lemon pith, and iced tea, finishing with a clean and refreshing bitterness.

Hops From Hobbs Farm

The hops came out nice!

This beer is always a labor of love. It takes a lot of labor AND love to grow and then pick the hops. But, the effort is always worth it when we taste the result. And, a really fun aspect of this beer is that every year the beer is different, based upon the combination of hops that grow well that year.

Here are our more detailed tasting notes:
— Appearance: clear and glowing gold in color, with minimal haze. The head on this beer is thick and slightly off white in color- it will leave a beautiful lacing on your glass!
— Aroma: candied hops, pine, tangerine
— Flavor: as with most West Coast-Style IPAs, the bitterness on this beer takes center stage, with prominent note of lemon pith and white grapefruit, with some subtle peppery notes as well. This beer drinks with a very clean, refreshing bitterness.
— Body and Mouthfeel: medium-bodied IPA with a smooth mouthfeel.

Beer From Here is on tap now and available to go in growlers / growlettes. It will be canned shortly, too!

Annette picking hops for this year’s wet hopped brew