We are starting to really, really love our sour beers here. Actually, who are we kidding, we really love all styles of beer :), but sours and tart beers have caught our fancy. And, seeing how quickly our Cheek Squeezer (kettle-soured blonde with tart cherries) rose to be in our top 5 of most popular beers, it seems like many of you have fallen in love with sours as well!

As such, we are extremely delighted to release a brand new beer for us – a refreshingly tart Berliner Weisse that is perfect for summer sipping! This lightly hazy, pale wheat-colored beer has a pleasant lemony tart aroma and drinks bright and refreshing, finishing dry with some subtle earthy notes. As is tradition, you can drink the beer as is, or, you can pick one of our house-made syrups to give the beer some sweet and fruity flavors. We’ve made small quantities of each, so they might not all be available when you get here, but, then again, we might have created some additional fun flavors by then, too. So far, we’ve made:

  • Rhubarb Mint – more mint than rhubarb, this syrup is quite refreshing.
  • Peach ginger – pretty much tastes likes peaches picked right from the tree!
  • Grape – made from local concord grapes, this one makes me feel like a kid again drinking grape juice!

Featured in this flight are the straight up berliner, grape, rhubarb mint, and peach!

The high carbonation and low ABV (3.6% ABV) on our Berliner Weisse makes it easy to drink a pint or two – especially while enjoying the warm weather or mowing the lawn! Berliner Weisse is on tap now, until it’s gone! Cheers!


Berliner, Baby

Barry White prefers the grape syrup!

Local Love

Pilsen malt and White Wheat malt by Valley Malt in Hadley, MA.