Sometimes we make a brand new beer and think, “damn, we should have made more of that!!!!’ Such is the case with Blanche-anator, our brand new Dopplebock. Blanche-anator is a super smooth, deep brown malty ale featuring flavors and aromas of toasted brown bread, pretzel, fig, caramel, and raisin, balanced by a toasty, mild spicy rye bread finish and some gentle alcohol warmth. It’s named after our Nigerian Dwarf goat Blanche, who, as you can see here, also seems to be giddy with the results!

For those of you wondering about this beer style, here’s a bit more info… “Considered by most to be the closest thing to liquid bread that you can find within the beer world, Doppelbock dates back to the 17th century. The name Doppelbock literally means ‘double bock’, aka double strength beer. It is the more robust and hearty version of the German-style bock beers. It was created as a food-like substitute for monks during their fasts, which is why it has such a hearty taste.”

Blanche-anator is indeed a hearty brew, and we can’t wait for you to try it! It’s available on draft and to go via growlers. Given the small size of this batch, we did not can it, but, if you love it, we will make it again – just let us know!