*Warning Note Dear Reader – I *might* be enjoying this new Imperial Saison a bit too much as I am writing these tasting notes, so pardon any typos or misspellings that may appear below 🙂 *

Some of my favorite beers that we’ve ever made here at Throwback are the ones inspired by a peak season crop that requires us to ‘use or it lose it’. I’m thinking about our mojito-inspired beer the year our farm produced an over abundance of cucumbers. Or, the first time we picked fennel flowers at Meadow’s Mirth Farm for the Fennel Flower Stout. Such is the case with this brand new beer – Brew La La Oui Oui – an Imperial Saison with Fresh Peaches and Wine Must.

Last September, McKenzie’s Farm reached out to let us know that they had a plethora of fresh, ripe peaches, and asked if we would we like to make a beer with them. Having successfully used their peak season peaches a beer before, we, of course, jumped at the opportunity. 

McKenzie’s Farm grows some killer peaches!

We ended up buying 300 lbs of peaches. Almost all of the peaches went into the beer (minus several that went directly into my pie hole. After all, I find it impossible to resist a perfectly ripe peach – the kind you take a bite of and the juice runs down your arm!) In addition to the peaches, we added grape must, in order to give this beer a bit of a red wine flair. 

The result is something we are very proud of. A Belgian-styled ale that is so delightfully bright and fruity (with flavors of sweet peach, mild spiced pear and strawberry, and delicate clove), finishing with a winey dryness and subdued floral saison notes. It’s almost akin to a dry rose wine that delights your palate with a pop of tart summer fruit- something you want to grab and sip on those warm summer nights.

We’ve been aging this beer since late Fall, and it’s now to a point where it drinks super smooth with just a residual amount of alcohol heat. We suggest you sip this beer slowly, one, because it is 8.5% ABV. And, two, because we think that best allows you to savor this special treat, taking in its multiple dimensions of flavor. 

Appearance– light rose in color. Bright white delicate head and lacing 

Aroma- compelling aroma of fresh peaches and mild spiced pear with more delicate aromas of strawberry, clove, and white pepper

Flavor – an initial flavor of sweet peach blended with clove and white pepper notes transitions to flavors of red wine, oak, and saison floral-ness, finishing dry with a classic saison peppery bite. 

Body – medium body with a nice dry finish

Pairing – sharp cheese, summer salads, lobster rolls

Brew La La Oui Oui is on tap now!