Our team has discovered our absolute favorite new summer beer, and, luckily for us, it’s one of ours! 🙂  The beer is Cabra Dorada, and it’s a pale Mexican-style lager named to honor our “Golden Goats” here at Hobbs Farm and Throwback Brewery: Blanche, Rose, and Dorothy.

Cabra Dorado is brewed with New England-grown malts, a touch of corn, and kissed with the lightest touch of raw agave syrup, Maine sea salt, and lime zest. The result is a bright, crisp golden lager with a balanced bitterness of Citra hops and lime zest and a slight salinity to the dry finish. It’s utterly crushable and perfect for warm days on the farm, or for enjoying after a day of playing outside. We love this brand new beer so much that we already brewed the next batch! Cabra Dorada is on tap now and also available in cans to go. If you come on by, we highly recommend pairing it with our brand new Poutine – featuring our veggie curry sauce – so yum!