We are already up to our fourth beer in the Unafraid of the Dark series, and it is one that we have been looking forward to making for quite some time!  The beer is a delicious chocolate mint stout, and it is modeled after a recipe that Jean (Throwback assistant brewer) used to make on a homebrew scale.

Unlike some of the other beers in the series, which paired quite well with main courses, I think this beer is best served with dessert – especially chocolate!  Or, if you are not feeling too cold, it makes a wonderful milkshake.  No need to add anything else to your blender except this beer and vanilla ice cream! And, of course, the Chocolate Mint Stout is very enjoyable to drink just by itself.

So, what’s this beer like?  Well, it visually pretty, with a nice caramel head.  The nose is great – both minty and chocolatey.  And, it is really easy to drink – almost like a smooth peppermint patty flavor, with some real nice prominent chocolate notes.  Once you take a sip, the chocolate and mint linger.. leaving you with beer breath that anyone will enjoy! 🙂

The beer was made using local mint – mostly coming from our friends at Meadow’s Mirth Farm, as well as some from local gardens (thank you Katherine!)  We put the mint into the boil, along with a healthy dose of cocoa powder.  Roasted barley and the chocolate malt were added to the grain bill for color and to really help underscore the chocolate & roasty notes in the beer.

All in all, we are pretty excited about this beer!  It is easy to drink at 5.6% A.B.V and 52.5 IBUs.

Hope you guys enjoy it!