Coolcumber is a Kölsch crafted with cucumber from our very own farm. When you take a sip of this beer, you will realize why the phrase “cool as a cucumber” exists. I mean, the beer itself is pretty rad, but it’s also extremely crisp, cool, and refreshing to drink. Coolcumber features vibrant flavors and aromas of fresh, mildly sweet cucumber, and finishes with a pleasant kick of spicy bitterness from the hops and cucumber skins. Part of the freshness of this beer could come from the fact that all of the cucumbers for this beer were grown right here at Hobbs Farm!

Coolcumber Kölsch is a very fun beer to drink, and we can’t wait for you to kick back here and enjoy a pint under the warm sun!

Coolcumber Kölsch is one of our brand new beers for our 12th birthday celebration. It will be available on draft starting July 1st!