Decepticon is a jet black, silky smooth lagered stout crafted with Forbidden rice. This easy drinking beauty of a beer features a mocha-colored, mousse-like head, aromas of lightly smoked coffee and cookies & cream, flavors of dark chocolate, espresso, and dark berry, finishing with a toasty, dry finish and a subtle nuttiness from the Forbidden rice. It’s the kind of beer that you’ll want to lovingly savor each silky sip, and its subtle sake-like warmth makes it the perfect beer for this time of year.

Because Decepticon was lagered, the body is lighter than you might expect from a beer so dark, but the mouthfeel is still smooth and full and lush, earning the beer its Transformer name and associated tagline as ‘there is more than meets the eye’!

We will release Decepticon on January 20th. And, since we are beer nerds and love to compare the nuances in taste and body of beer delivered via different methods, we plan to offer Decepticon on draft (CO2), on nitro, and via a special cask – enhanced with coconut, for what we hope to be akin to a Thai Rice Pudding. Vote for your favorite! Also, weather permitting, we plan to light a bunch of community fire pits, and, who knows, our rink might even be ready by then. Come on by and make a day of it!

Decepticon Forbidden Rice Stout features a body so smooth and silky, it should be forbidden!