Introducing Farmer’s Tan – our crisp and refreshing session-able saison, featuring flavors and aromas of spicy fruit (peach and pear), lemon, and mild bubble gum. While most traditional saisons have a spicy Belgian-y finish, Farmer’s Tan finishes clean with just a hint of clove and white pepper spice. And, at 4.4% ABV, it’s perfect for enjoying a few after a day of working or playing in the sun!

Here are our tasting notes:

Appearance: light straw color with a slight haze and a beautiful, fluffy white head that will leave a noticeable lacing on the glass.

Aroma: pear with spicy notes of peach, lemon, and sweet tea. There is also a mild, sweet bubble gum aroma.

Flavor: spicy peach and pear notes that finishes with a very clean lemon flavor and a backdrop of clove. The malt contributes a lovely bready note.

Body: Medium body with a nice, refreshingly crisp finish that will linger on the palate for a decent amount of time.

Special thanks to our Hobbs Farm neighbor Paul M. for submitting this beer name to us back in February! It might have taken us a while to brew the perfect beer to fit such a great beer name, but we also had to wait for prime Farmer Tan season, too! 🙂