On February 12th, we will be releasing an IPA called “For Dad”. I wanted to present it to my dad, Lee Carrier, as a way to tell him, once again, how much I love him. He passed away before the beer was finished. In honor of my dad, this beer is a heartfelt tribute to all the amazing dads out there. “For Dad” will be available in cans and on draft.

If you’ve been a customer of ours since ‘the warehouse days’, I’m sure you’ve met my dad. He was the bearded, muscle-y man running around cleaning glasses. Perhaps he cornered you, talking with incredible pride about me and Annette, and what we all worked to build together. He likely did it with such endearing pride, love, and charm that you walked away smiling, feeling happier for the experience. I know, because many of you over the years have told me – with a big smile – how much you enjoyed meeting him.

My dad was such a big part of creating Throwback and making our business what it is today. He volunteered countless hours of hard labor, gave gobs of (sometimes unsolicited 🙂 ) business advice, and motivated us with his sheer pride and excitement.

Dad - Always Working!

My dad – Lee Carrier – helping to get our first space ready to open

I feel so incredibly lucky to have such an amazing dad. He was such a talented, prolific businessman and leader who loved his work, but he never let work get in the way of coaching my sports teams, or taking me water tubing, or playing cards with me, or making me special breakfasts on Saturday mornings.

My dad was also a phenomenal role model. He taught my sister and I the value of hard work and the power of kindness, all while instilling in us strength and confidence. Unlike many of his contemporaries in the 80s, he hired and promoted the best – regardless of gender. I got to witness first-hand the sheer, uncontainable joy he displayed upon convincing his “dream candidate” (a woman) to move to Massachusetts and head up marketing for him. My sister and I saw the way he cherry-picked the smartest of our mom’s friends from Smith College to join his team. We witnessed how he treated the women in his life like gold. Through his actions, my dad demonstrated to us that women can do anything, giving us the confidence to take risks and pursue our dreams.

In a way, I guess my dad laid the foundation for Throwback by giving me all the building blocks needed to work hard and dream big. And, once Annette and I got going, my dad became our biggest cheerleader.

We miss him so much, but creating this beer has helped a bit. My dad would have absolutely loved a beer dedicated to him, and he would have felt immense joy in seeing you guys sharing and savoring the beer with your friends and family. And, who knows, maybe he’d even get a bit choked up knowing that this beer could bring a little extra love into the world – even if just a few of you present a 4-pack to your dad with a huge hug and an “I Love You”.  I wish I could have!

For Dad is an immensely like-able, 6% ABV American IPA that’s mildly hazy with fruity aromatics and minimal bitterness. For Dad goes on tap at Throwback Brewery on February 12th. Cans are available beginning February 14th, until they are gone!

For Dad with Dad

For Dad- couldn’t think of a better way to say “I love you” than through beer.