We are very excited to release a new beer today, which is a Honey Basil Saison!  The name of the beer is ‘He Works Hard for the Honey.’  (More on the name below 😀  ).

We added our local spin to this traditional farmhouse style brew, using both honey and basil from New Hampshire.  We used 15 lbs of honey from Victory Bees, which was harvested at Meadow’s Mirth Farm in Stratham, NH.  We used two types of basil – also from New Hampshire.  The Thai basil comes from Renee the Kitchen Gardener, who farms in Newington.  The Italian basil comes from our very own Mean Jean’s garden, which is in Exeter.

The beer clocks in at 5.6% A.B.V. and 25 IBU.  When you pour a glass of this beer and take a sniff, you should definitely notice the basil aroma.  Take a sip, and your palette should pick up the basil, with some undercurrents of honey.  The yeast used in this beer gives it a depth of flavor that elevates it from a lighter beer to a nice sought after companion on a beautiful Autumn day.  He Works Hard for the Honey is unfiltered (like all of our beers), giving the beer a hazy, yellow color.  We put a lot of carbonation on this beer, so it should be fairly effervescent.

Now for those of you wondering about the name, here is the quick background story.  One Sunday, Annette and I were picking fennel flowers at Meadow’s Mirth farm, and there were a tremendous amount of bees gathering nectar from the flowers.  Annette looked at one bee and said to me, “wow, he works hard for the honey!!”  Knowing we were working on the Honey Basil Saison, and always being excited to embrace a bad pun, we decided to name the beer He Works Hard for the Honey.

If you want to give the beer a try, and we are putting it on tap today, and we will have it during Growler Hours at the brewery til we run out!