Today, we are very excited to release the first beer in our Unafraid of the Dark VII beer series — it’s a big bodied and smooth 7.5% Imperial Porter that features a honey sweet nose, light flavors of oak and vanilla, and a raisin / dark fruit finish at the end. It’s a gourdgeously yummy beer.

Oh, speaking of gourds, I probably should mention that this beer is made with 400 lbs of local Dickinson pumpkins! The pumpkins added fermentable sugar and contributed to this beer’s lovely mouthfeel. While this is a beer made with pumpkin, it is not a pumpkin-spiced beer. In fact, only some of you with very fine-tuned palates might taste a bit of gourd at the end of a sip, but it is super subtle.

Another fun fact about this beer is that it is a cuvée or blended beer. Once this beer was brewed, we aged some of it in a rum barrel and some in a bourbon barrel. We then blended both barrels together with the base beer to get the final result. The barrels contribute oak and wood notes, but not really any discernible bourbon or rum.

Here are our detailed tasting notes:
– Appearance: This beer is jet black in appearance and has a caramel-colored head. The head on this beer is a beauty, and it sticks around for quite awhile. In the picture below, you can see what the head looked like after the beer sat around for ~15 minutes – it still looks good!
– Aroma: There is a nice, sweet aroma to this beer. We get honey, vanilla, and a bit of cocoa.
– Taste & Mouthfeel: This beer is very smooth with a nice, big mouthfeel. You can taste vanilla and honey malt when you first take a sip, which then transitions into notes of raisin and dark fruit at the end. I also get a bit of jam.
– Pairing: If you are enjoying one of these here at our brewery, try it with our Throwback Burger, Shepherd’s Pie, pulled pork sandwich, cookies, or hand pie. This beer would pair wonderfully with many desserts (especially cheesecake), blue cheese, and stews.
– Serving glass: At the brewery, we will be serving this in a 12-oz tulip glass.
– Stats – ABV 7.5% and 41 IBU.

Imperial Pumpkin Porter is on tap starting today, Wednesday, January 10th until it is gone!

Throwback Brewery's Imperial Pumpkin Porter

The head on this Imperial Pumpkin Porter is gorgeous, thick, and long lasting