Today we are dropping a brand new beer called Keep NH Brewing IPA. This hazy, golden-colored 6.5% beer features tropical flavors and aromas of pineapple and candied lime, with a classic IPA bitter hop, black pepper finish. Stylistically, this beer is akin to a marriage between a New England IPA with a more classic IPA. The look, soft mouthfeel, and upfront fruity taste profile all scream New England IPA. But, the dank / bitter finish of this beer is really that of a more classic IPA. No matter what style you call it, we think our IPA loving friends are going to really dig this one!

Proceeds from this beer will benefit the New Hampshire Brewers’ Association, helping to keep us all brewing! You can get in on the fun and visit 18 or more of the 27 craft breweries across the state that have brewed their own variation of Keep NH Brewing IPA for a chance to win an NH Brewers prize package! For more details, and to grab your NH Brewing Beer Trail, head on over to

Here are some more detailed tasting notes:
Appearance: hazy and light gold in color, with a fluffy white head
Aroma: sweet pineapple, candied lime, mild melon, light floral
Flavor: pineapple, lime and lime pith with a strong black better, bitter hop finish
Body and Mouthfeel: very soft mouthfeel, but the lingering bitterness adds a perceived dryness to the beer.

Keep NH Brewing Collaboration Beer Trail