A few months ago, we were approached by the Rock On Foundation to create a beer that would be poured in and around their Rock On Fest — a free event in downtown Concord, NH boasting live music by female-fronted bands, basketball, family fun, outdoor yoga, an outdoor movie night, and more. Given our love for community events, collaboration, and music, we said a big ‘yes’ to working together on a beer!

Fast forward to today, and we very pleased with the resulting collaboration. It’s called Master of Art, and it’s a hazy, golden-colored, dry saison with a mandarin orange nose and flavors of peach, apricot, and fruit cocktail – balanced by a kick of peppery spice from the saison yeast. It received its name as a tribute to indie-rocker Laura Stevenson, who will be headlining Rock On Fest in downtown Concord, NH on Saturday, August 12. Master of Art is the name of one of Laura’s songs. (And, as a side note, our lead brewer Chris is a huge fan of Laura, so props for the name go to him. Apparently Laura is excited about it as well!)

Here are our tasting notes:
Appearance: Light gold in color, slightly hazy, with an ivory white head.
Aroma: Head brewer Annette says Master of Art has a fruit cocktail nose. Chef Carrie says fresh peaches- ripe off the vine. Assistant Brewer Colin says mandarin orange. They are all correct – the beer has a nice orange-y / peach fruitiness with that distinctive saison spice – both in aroma and taste.
Taste & Mouthfeel: Sometimes beer smells one way, and then tastes totally different. With Master of Art, what you smell is what it tastes like – peach, apricot, fruit cocktail with a kick of peppery spice from the saison yeast. It leaves a bit of an arugula kind of bitterness on your tongue, making you want to take another sip! Master of Art is fairly light in body, dry, and effervescent.
Pairing: I had this with our poutine, and it was lovely – the spice and carbonation cleared my palate from the richness and saltiness of the poutine. Given the fruity notes of this beer, it would go great with salads. Given the spicy notes, this beer can hold up to spicy and/or funky foods. Try it with stinky cheeses, pad thai, curry, and our latest addition to the menu – our Korean Burrito.
Serving glass: At the brewery, we will be serving this in a 16-oz tulip glass.
Stats – ABV 5.4% and 24 IBU.

Look for Master of Art here at Throwback Brewery, in select accounts near the Rock On Fest in Concord – like the Barley House, and in some of our best accounts in the state – like Street in Portsmouth, The Thirsty Moose (Manchester & Portsmouth), and the Skinny Pancake in Hanover, NH.