Carrie Dahlgren - Chef, Throwback Brewery

Chef Carrie

As many of you know, when we move across the street to our Hobbs Farm location, we are also moving from a nano brewery to more of a brew pub setting, with longer hours, bigger pours, and, of course, food! So when it came to hiring our chef, there was really only one person at the very top of our list – someone who is not only super talented and shares the same values as our business – but also someone who is as genuinely nice and modest as she is talented. That certain someone is Carrie Dahlgren.
Annette & I first met Carrie when she was working at the Black Trumpet (where she eventually became Chef de Cuisine.) We always knew that Carrie was super talented and could cook upscale food with the best of them. However, it wasn’t until we went to the Passport event at Strawbery Banke one year and tried her freshly made spent grain bread, mustard, and house made little hot dogs did the light bulb go off. The food was so good, so memorable, so crave-able, we thought ‘Wow – imagine if we could get Carrie to make this type of food for our brewery!’.
Well, fast forward several years, and here we are, thrilled to announce Carrie as our Chef. Carrie’s mission is to make food with the same philosophy as we craft beer – celebrating New England and New Hampshire ingredients – and letting the freshness and beauty of those ingredients shine through. We’ve asked Carrie to put her unique spin on casual and familiar dishes – elevating them to a level that is fun, fresh, and memorable – always comfortable, never pretentious.
Here is her more complete bio:
Chef Carrie comes to Throwback Brewery with a profound respect for food, where it comes from, it’s sustainability, and its relation to us as a society. Carrie is a graduate of a Le Cordon Blue culinary school, in addition to having a Bachelor of Science in Business from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. Carrie’s love for food and beer started from working summers as a farm hand and spending time with her father. Most recently, Carrie was chef de Cuisine at Black Trumpet in Portsmouth, NH, where she worked for eight years, followed by briefly working at Henry’s Market Cafe in New Castle, NH.