Fun fact for those beer nerds out there – it is a requirement that breweries give each of their fermentation tanks a unique identifier. Rather than slap a number on each tank, Annette and I thought it would be more fun to give our tanks a bit more character by donning them with a picture and a name as well.
At first, we thought we would go down the sentimental path and name our tanks after people in our lives that mean a lot to one or even both of us.  Naturally, one of the first tanks I wanted to name was after my mom and her fiance, Bill.  It seemed a bit weird, though, to slap a picture of my mom or Bill on a tank, or to have a tank with an identifier of something like Mom01 or Bill02.  I could just picture Annette asking me to “scrub down” Mom01 or wondering if Bill02 had fermented or, worse yet, asking me to drain the yeast from Mom01 :-?.
We then transitioned to thinking that we could have characters for each tank that reminded us of loved ones.  From there, the job of naming the tanks became super easy.  The first tank had to be named Animal — after Bill, who is quite the character and also quite the musician.



Once Animal was named, the hard part became picking only six more muppet characters for the remaining six tanks.  (There are, after all, quite a few muppet characters that are pretty cool – even for those of us pushing 40 or just beyond!)   Here is what we came up with:






pigs in space


Here are the two Grundys all dressed up and ready to go:

PIG-07 ready to ferment


SWC-06 ready to ferment


While these tanks aren’t really associated with specific friends and family members, they easily could be.  Beaker, after all, looks surprising like a good friend and Annette’s former engineering co-worker :-D.  (Adolescent photos used to protect the innocent.)

Baby Beaker

Baby Beaker??

Finally, we decided the brewery space wouldn’t be complete without a picture of our ‘advisors’ (my Dad and his friend Bob) looking out for us.  These old guys will be up on the wall shortly, so they can monitor our progress!

Throwback Brewery Advisors

Throwback Brewery Advisors