International Stout Day is tomorrow, November 3rd.  We love, love, love stout, so we have a few things going on that we are pretty excited about!
1- First, our tasty Stout #3 will be on tap at the Gaslight.  Eric at the Gaslight will have some fantastic stouts on tap, including some high alcohol / very tasty beers like Victory’s Storm King Stout, Oskar Blues Ten Fidy Imperial Stout, and North Coast’s Old Rasputin (an imperial stout.)  We are thrilled to be part of this killer lineup!
2- Many of you have seen the following picture that I posted of Annette on Facebook filling the bourbon barrel.  I erroneously said that she filled it with the Maple-Kissed Wheat Porter, when in fact she filled it with Stout #3!!  (Annette did originally want to fill it with the porter, and I assume we will try that next, but our friend Rich and myself thought the straight up  stout would allow the complex and fruity flavors of the barrel to shine through the best.)  On International Stout Day, we will have this lovely bourbon barrel Stout #3 on tap at our brewery during Growler Hours.  Come by and try it!

3- No post on International Stout Day would be complete without us letting you know when we will sell our first bottles of Fat Alberta.  We have picked November 20th (Annette’s birthday!) to release Fat Alberta at the brewery.  We will let you know exact details soon, but save the date for now!