As a nod to our love for community-oriented British taverns, combined with our fond memories of throwing back pints of easy drinking bitters after a fun day on the rugby pitch, we are very excited to unveil Pig in A Poke Pub Ale – our brand new 6.1% ABV English-Style Pub Ale. Pig In A Poke is the first beer we have ever designed to be poured exclusively via nitro (think small bubbles, thick and creamy mousse-like head, and super smooth body)! This very easy drinking ale features note of orange and slightly wood hops with hints of young pear and mellow peach, ending with a lingering bitterness and nice minerality.

Although we intended to brew this ale in a traditional manner, namely to achieve a somewhat low alcohol by volume, our efficiency in the brew house knocked the ABV up a several points higher than expected (to 6.1% ABV). That being said, we don’t think anyone is going to complain or quite notice! :0) The nitro pour results in a beer with such a wonderfully thick and dense head and an ultra smooth body from the perfect bit of carbonation. In short, we are simply chuffed with the way this easy-drinking, smile-inducing ale came out, and we can’t wait for you to try it! 

One of the amazing benefits of the nitro pour is a thick, mousse-like head. This pour was sitting for over 10 minutes and the head was still quite fluffy!