Our team has been waiting very anxiously and excitedly to release the 4th beer in our 2019 Rare Breed Series – Port Barrel-Aged 5 Minute Fugitive. As the name implies, we took one of our highest rated beers ever (5 Minute Fugitive), and aged it in a port barrel for 10+ months. The resulting beer is outrageously smooth with a jammy nose and flavors of dark chocolate, roast, fig, and dark berries, with an oaky and slightly boozy finish. To say we are smitten with this beer would be an understatement! For Rare Breed Series subscribers, bottles will be available for pickup this coming Wednesday, February 20th, 2019 – here at Throwback Brewery. Not a subscriber but want to give it a try? It will be one of the beers served at our upcoming Chocolate, Cheese, and Beer dinner.

Here are our team’s tasting notes:

– Appearance: pitch black in color with a burnt caramel-colored head.

– Aroma: dark chocolate, dark berry jam, port, and sweet raisin. The aroma has such a lovely sweet finish to it – reminiscent of well crafted dark chocolate bar that’s been studded with black and red raspberries.

– Taste & Mouthfeel: There is so much going on in this full bodied, silky smooth Russian Imperial Stout, making it very enjoyable to savor sip by sip! It starts with dark chocolate and roast, underscored by big notes of fig, dark fruits, dark berries, and dark brown sugar, finishing with a pleasant oakiness and boozy warmth. The flavors of red wine / dark berry (imparted by the port barrel) and rich chocolate (imparted by the dark malts) will lovingly linger on your tongue for some time after you finish taking a sip!

– Pairing: While doing tastings for our upcoming Chocolate, Cheese, and Beer dinner on February 27th, we tried this beer with many of the chocolates from Enna Chocolate in Epping. They paired so well with Enna’s single origin, hand crafted bars, but we liked it best with her Haiti and Belize bars. Also, this beer paired so well with many of the cheeses we tried, especially Winter Hill Farm’s Frost Gully – which is a buttery, camembert-style cheese with a bloomy rind. This beer would also pair very well with red meat – especially a nice rare steak. Or you could do like our team does, and enjoy this beer by itself, as a special dessert!

– Serving glass: Enjoy slowly from a snifter glass. (Slowly because this is deceptively 10.9% alcohol! 🙂

– Stats – ABV 10.9% and 65 IBU.