The next beer up in our Unafraid of the Dark series is a Coffee Milk Stout made with freshly roasted coffee from NH-based Red Rover!

Now, usually when I sit down and write up one of our beers, I try to stay a bit detached – describing more of the characteristics of the beer and less about my opinion on the beer’s taste.  After all, if there is one thing I learned since starting this business, it is that everyone’s palette is a bit different…. What I find sublime, you might think of as just “meh”.

That being said, I am going to break my protocol today and just come out and say that I love this beer! Why?  Oh, let me count the ways..

1. The beer has a great nose – I’d call it somewhat fruity, which likely comes from the British Ale yeast used to ferment the beer.
2. It is super smooth and drinkable.  At 4.9% Alcohol by Volume, you can have a few and not worry about getting silly. 🙂
3. The coffee is present, but not overpowering. It contributes some great roasty notes that linger on your palette.  As the beer warms up, the coffee becomes more pronounced – both on the palette and in the nose.
4. It’s visually very appealing, with a pretty coffee-colored head and deep dark color.
5. The beer was made with very tasty  local coffee. Actually, picking our coffee vendor was pretty straightforward. We wanted a NH-based roaster that has a similar philosophy to ours where sustainability and freshness are concerned. The nano-sized, NH-based Red Rover was a natural match. Their mission is to “find amazing coffees that are sustainably grown and roast them fresh for you.” Not only is this mission admirable, but their coffee is pretty darn tasty, too! We ended up picking Red Rover’s Guatemalan coffee – Ixil A’achimbal.

Red Rover’s Coffee Milk Stout goes on tap this week.  I hope that you guys will enjoy this beer as much as I do!