This Sunday (9/16), we are delighted to be releasing our Black Kolsch (called Rölsch) as part of the Black Ale Project. 1 dollar from each pint will be donated to the Veteran’s Martial Arts Project (V-MAT), a small but mighty organization in Portsmouth providing free martial arts instruction to veterans and active military members. A 32-team cornhole tournament to benefit V-MAT is also going to be held at Throwback that same day!

Rölsch is a jet-black, lighter-bodied beer with very prominent aromas and flavors of roast, dark chocolate, and sweet pine. The roast will hit you up front, but it is then smoothed by a slight malt sweetness, finishing dry and piney.

For those of you wondering about the Black Ale Project, it is a craft beer initiative to raise money and awareness on behalf of U.S. war veterans launched in 2015 by Dave Pappas, a former Marine and non-combat veteran of the Persian Gulf War. As Dave likes to say, “Buy A Beer, Help a Veteran”!

Here are the tasting notes for our Black Ale Project beer:

– Appearance: Rölsch is pitch black in color with a ‘coffee & cream’ colored head

– Aroma: this beer features a big roasty, toasty aroma that is underscored by a bit of fruity sweetness. There’s also a fair amount of dark chocolate and piney notes in the nose, as well.

– Taste & Mouthfeel: We named this beer Rölsch for a  very specific reason – it is one roasty kölsch! When you take a sip, you’ll get a big hit of roastiness up front that is rounded out at the end by some mild maltiness and the piney notes from the hops. My first impression of this beer was that it reminded me of our Hippo-Hop-amus Cascadian Dark Ale. It has that same big, bold pop of roast with a dry finish. as does Hippo. While this beer is very dark (and some folks assume that means heavy), it is actually on the lighter-side and with a smooth body.

– Pairing: This beer would pair so well with our Throwback Burger – the roasty notes would complement the sweetness of the caramelized onions and the earthiness of the meat. It would also go well with lamb stew, shepherd’s pie, mac ’n cheese, and empanadas. Also, it would pair nicely with a creamy dark chocolate dessert – like chocolate mousse.

– Serving glass: We’ll be serving this beer in a 16-oz pub glass here at the Brewery.

– Stats – ABV 5.1% and 27 IBU.

Farmer Katie with our Rölsch (Black Kölsch)

Farmer Katie Gives a Cheers to Veterans Everywhere!