Seize the Bean* is our silky smooth coffee milk stout made with coffee from our friends at Carpe Diem (in Maine). This brand new beer smells like a freshly brewed batch of dark roast coffee, and it tastes like a slightly sweet Americano with a balanced roasty finish. Seize the Bean is black in color with a fluffy coffee-colored head.

We think this beer would pair best with breakfast foods, especially pancakes with our Lady Sausage Maple Bacon Patties or thick cut bacon. It would also pair well with ribs, burgers, and chocolate pie or mousse.

Seize the Bean was created after many hints dropped by our Chef Carrie (who used to LOVE the Red Rover Coffee Milk Stout we used to make during our warehouse years). Apparently the brewers negotiated with Chef that they would make the beer if she, in turn, would make them mozzarella sticks. Apparently Chef has plans to make good on her part of the deal! We shall see! 🙂

Our Farmer’s Are Diggin’ Seize the Bean!

*contains lactose