Small, Dark, and Handsome is a small ABV chocolate milk stout with a big swagger. This easy drinking beer boasts big flavors and aromas of roast & dark chocolate and an ultra smooth & big body that belies its 2.4% ABV. The chocolate flavors and aromas come from the local malt as well as Enna Chocolate cocoa husks.

For best results, let the beer warm up a bit to bring out the best chocolate flavor.

** Contains Lactose **

As a side note, it is really hard to make a low ABV craft beer that isn’t too bitter or too thin. We are really proud of how flavorful, balanced, and full bodied this beer is for such a low ABV.  Customers have been, too!

Small, Dark, and Handsome - Yeah, Baby!

Small, Dark, and Handsome is so full of flavor, you would never guess it was 2.4% ABV!