After months and months of cold aging to achieve the optimal flavor profile, we are very excited to release Strength in Numbers – our very first Barleywine! This big, strong ale features notes of caramel, toffee, toasted bread, and mild star anise, finishing with a lingering alcohol warmth. Strength in Numbers is glowing amber in color with a fluffy tan head.

Unlike the name suggests, Barleywines are NOT made with grapes, and the only similarity to wine is really the higher alcohol content. Barleywine is a classic beer style that is not often produced by current brewers, which is a shame because barleywines are really such a wonderful companion for a cool Fall or Winter night. We recommend serving our Barleywine – Strength in Numbers – in a snifter or tulip glass, and to sip slowly to enjoy the many layers of flavor in this aged, caramel-y beer treat!