Hello, friends! It is our favorite time of year- the start of Unafraid of the Dark! Our team is absolutely delighted with the first beer of this year’s series – Tangled Up in Blueberries – a blueberry stout made with 60 pounds of blueberries from Brea’s Farm in Stratham, NH. This beer is dark, velvety, tart, jam-like, and super smooth. In short, it’s a beer that we want to drink a whole lot of!

The base for this beer is a Foreign Extra Stout, with blueberries added into the secondary. The base was pretty roasty, but the blueberries really mellowed and balanced out the roastiness, resulting in undertones of chocolate covered berries.

Here are some more details:
– Appearance: Light caramel colored milkshake-like head. Rich black color.
– Aroma: Fermented blueberry nose.
– Taste & Mouthfeel: So smooth and yummy! 🙂 When you take a sip, you will get big notes of fruit and tart on the palette, that pleasantly lingers for awhile. As mentioned earlier, the blueberry comes off as really juicy and jammy. Almost pie like. In other words, this isn’t your typical Summer blueberry beer in that you won’t get big floral notes or pronounced blueberry flavor. The blueberry comes off more like the fruitiness of a port wine. We love it!
– Pairing: We didn’t have much at the brewery to try pairing with this beer, but we did have chocolate – it went great with that. We could see this beer going as well with dessert as with entrees like duck, steak, and pork chops.
– Stats – ABV is ~6.3% and 36 IBU.

The Blueberry Stout will be available starting Friday, January 9th. Cheers!

Blue-tiful Blueberry's From Brea's Farm

Blue-tiful Blueberry’s From Brea’s Farm. Out of the freezer and going into the beer!