The brewhouse at Throwback Brewery is a 3-barrel (93 gallons), 3-vessel, direct fired system, and is affectionately referred to as our franken-brewery.
It’s our franken-brewery because it’s built from 3 different used sanitary stainless steel tanks that had never seen the inside of a brewery before.  It may not be the prettiest thing to everyone, but it’s near and dear to my heart, and I’m super excited to have built it!
The tanks resided in MA and PA before they made their way into my life.  They then spent a few weeks in Maine to be retrofit with the proper ports, doors and insulation to convert them from basic single-walled tanks to a Mash/Lauter Tun, a Hot Liquor Tank, and a combo Kettle/Whirlpool.  Here are some pics of the tanks when we finally moved them into our brewery space.

Mash/lauter Tun Hot Liquor Tank Kettle/Whirpool
In the spirit of keeping the startup costs low, we opted to control our fermentation temperatures using a series of temperature-controlled, insulated closets that we built in the brewery space. The 4 closets are located together with shared walls, but each one can be individually heated or cooled as needed, depending on the beer style.
Three of the closets will be used for the bulk of the fermentation process, either for ales or lagers.

Each of these house 1 or 2 plastic fermenters, and have adequate space to add fermenters later as needed.

The fourth closet is the conditioning closet and will be maintained at a cooler temperature to allow for carbonation.

I picked up a pair of grundy tanks that have been pressure-tested, so I am planning to force carbonate in those tanks prior to packaging.

Check back for more pictures of the brewhouse as the plumbing and fittings are finalized!