Our love of local and sustainability led us to our forever home at Hobbs Farm. This beer represents our passion for local sourcing with 100% malt from the Northeast Grainshed and cucumbers, mint, and lemongrass from our farm.

The Farm is our Cucumber, Mint, & Lemongrass Sour, and it’s one of the four beers we brewed for our 10th birthday! It was really fun picking what kind of sour we wanted to brew. Given that the weekend around the Fourth of July is typically hot, we wanted to make something super refreshing and thirst quenching… something not too sour and definitely not sweet. After exploring what we had preserved from the farm in 2020, we decided to go with cucumbers that we had juiced, mint (to make the beer even more cool & refreshing), and lemongrass (to tie everything together).

The resulting beer features flavors and aromas of fresh mint and cucumber, with an underlying lemony tartness. All the flavors blend together to create a very refreshing beer with bright, lingering flavors of cool spearmint. Here are our tasting notes:

Appearance: Light straw in color with a thin, bright white head.

Aroma: Fresh mint, followed by cucumber.

Flavor: Fresh cucumber up front, with a lingering fresh spearmint flavor. The lemongrass really acts to amplify the flavors in this beer (kind of like adding salt to food) and meld everything together.

Body:  This beer has a medium body (for a sour).