We absolutely love roasty beers. We are talking about the kind of roast where you take a sip and the roastiness tantalizing lingers on your tongue for a good while after. So when we first tried our latest Unafraid of the Dark beer – The Invisible Yam, we were thrilled – roastiness for days!

So what’s this latest beer all about? Let’s have head brewer Annette describe it…

“The Invisible Yam is a milk (or sweet) stout, brewed with the addition of lactose, which creates the residual sweetness in this beer style. We cleaned, chopped, and cooked 50 pounds of sweet potatoes from Brookford Farm (Canterbury, NH). Once the sweet potatoes were lovingly stewed to softness, they were added to the mash with their cooking liquid.  When the beer was finished fermenting, we added a touch of nutmeg, allspice, and vanilla. While the flavor from the sweet potatoes is not very prominent (hence the name The Invisible Yam), they contribute body and a really great mouthfeel to the finished beer. And the gentle hint of the spices provide a nice balance to the almost coffee-like flavor that comes from the roasted malts.”

Well said, Annette!

Some of the starting product -- sweet potato goodness!

Some of the starting product — sweet potato goodness!

This is what the came out of the mash ton - grain with bits of sweet potato. Great food for the local pigs!

This is what the came out of the mash ton – grain with bits of sweet potato. Great food for the local pigs!

Want more details? Here they are! —
– Appearance: The head is tan colored, and the color is a dark brown/black.
– Aroma: Faint nutmeg followed by roasty aroma.
– Taste & Mouthfeel: This is a full-bodied stout due to the addition of the lactose and sweet potatoes. Yet the roastiness of the malts cuts through any sweetness to keep this beer from being cloying. The slight taste of the spices linger on the tongue and makes you want another sip. The vanilla hides a bit, but does make a slight appearance in flavor at the back of the tongue. As the beer warms up, the spices become a bit more prominent.
– Pairing: Evan Mallett (owner / chef at the Black Trumpet in Portsmouth, NH) paired this beer with a Deer and Fruit tartlette made with a foie butter pastry crust. If you happen to have that laying around the house, give it a try, it is an amazing pairing. But, if you are like us, you are more likely to have some dessert lying around. As with a lot of milk stouts, this one is a fantastic dessert beer, and would go well with a custard-based or chocolate-based dessert. Or, better yet, a chocolate custard-based dessert!  The other food that comes to mind is French meat pie. French meat pie with a fried egg on top. Did I mention French meat pie??  Lamb roast sounds pretty good too. And, I’m pretty sure sweet potato casserole would be a home run with this one.
– Stats – ABV is 5.2% and IBU is 29.

The Invisible Yam will be available starting Thursday, January 22nd.


p.s. we know that sweet potatoes technically aren’t yams, but there aren’t many good puns with sweet potatoes in it. 🙂

Yam, that's good!

Yam, that’s good!