The Rusty Plow is our brand new Red Session IPA (4.24%), and it’s already our favorite ‘go to’ beer for farm and yard work! Crisp, light, and easy drinking, this sessionable West Coast IPA is a nice balance of light caramel malt with lemon pith and piney hops, finishing clean and dry. This beer has a ton of character for 4.24%, and it’s also gluten reduced!

You can think of The Rusty Plow as a throwback to the West Coast IPAs that were super popular at the beginning of the craft beer revolution, just in a small, sessionable format. The deep copper color, off-white foamy head, aromas of citrus and pine, flavors of citrus pith, and hints of caramel and biscuity malt might also evoke some memories of one of our earliest Throwback beers- our Hopstruck Red IPA!  The Rusty Plow distinguishes itself from Hopstruck with a much more pronounced bitterness and aromas of grapefruit & tangerine. You can let you tools sit in the field in thot sun collecting rust, while you sit in the shade drinking The Rusty Plow all day long!