March 11th, 2020


5:30 pm


Throwback Brewery

Crafting exceptional barrel-aged beers is a mix of art and science, risk and innovation. When done properly, aging beer in wood allows us to achieve a sort of alchemy that results in a rare breed of beer that can’t be achieved with just stainless fermenters – a beer with layers of complexity and flavor. A beer that deserves to be slowly savored sip by sip.

If you love barrel beers and/or you want to learn more about how they are made, we invite you to join Throwback Brewery Co-Founder Annette for a 45 minute tour and tasting that takes a behind the scenes look at barrel-aging and all that goes into it.

Annette will cover:
– Clean vs. Brett barrels
– Aged vs. Fermented
– Types of barrels we have here at Throwback
– Picking beers for barrels
– Yeast: Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Brettanomyces (claussenii, brux drei, lambicus, anomala, other variants of brux, etc.), Lactobacillus (brevis, delbrueckii), and Pediococcus (damnosus).
– Time in barrel
– Importance of tasting!
– Reusing barrels – new (residual spirits) thru end of life
– Risks and challenges involved
– Blending – why, how

The tour starts at 5:30pm on March 11th and includes a sampling of 4 barrel-aged beers, some in process and some finished. Tickets are $15 per person, and only 16 are available. Tour should last about 45 minutes, with plenty of time during and after for questions with Annette. Grab your spot today!