February 21st, 2020


11:00 am - 9:00 pm


Throwback Brewery

It’s a special event when a few breweries get together to make a beer. When 21 breweries collaborate together, it’s epic! As such, we are extremely excited to announce the upcoming launch of Joint Effort, a hoppy lager brewed here at Throwback with 20 other Seacoast-area breweries. Joint Effort (5.4% ABV) drinks crisp, dry, and clean with subtle, fruity aromas (apricot & peach) and light flavors of lemon peel, melon, and passionfruit due to the use of Cashmere, Ella, and Grungiest hops. The Local Pilsen, Biscuit, and Vienna malts act as a soft, juicy, and grainy backdrop, making Joint Effort one very quaffable brew!

Breweries that collaborated on Joint Effort include Bad Lab, Chapel + Main, Cisco, Czars, Deciduous, Earth Eagle, Empty Pint, Exeter Brewing, Garrison, Great Rhythm, Liars Bench, Loaded Question, Northwoods, Portsmouth Brewery, Smuttynose, Stoneface, Throwback, Tilton Brothers, Tributary, SoMe, and Woodland Farms.

Can and draft will be available starting Friday, February 21st (11am-9pm).